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The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.”



Day 1 of senior year at Denwin High was not supposed to end with my thoughts consumed by the new AP Philosophy teacher. I’d impatiently waited three years to take the course, but from the moment he strode in with his sad eyes that mirrored my own, I was intrigued by only him. 


Dr. Sebastian Wicked. 


Intrigue turned into obsession, and common interests set the stage for a tentative friendship with the enigmatic man. In time, every line put in place became blurred as what we shared sparked the flames of a forbidden affair. An affair that should've never been, a wrong that the universe sought to right. 


There was only one possible outcome—we were both going to burn. Would our love rise up from the ashes? Or would it smolder in the ruins?


My name is Phoenix Michaelson, and I am the boy who loved Wicked.  

Chadwick Series
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Surviving the Merge deleted scenes.

Surviving the Break bonus scenes.