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Infidelity Series: Book Three

The Caretaker  Book cover

The only thing Noon Waters is sure of is his undying love for his wife. But when a devastating accident ripped both her and a good deal of his memories away from him, he’s left to navigate a new life weighed down by grief, anger, and confusion. After stumbling upon an old receipt dated one day prior to the tragic event, Noon’s curiosity leads him to Haley Cove, a place he can’t remember but is somehow certain holds the key to regaining his forgotten years. So focused on the memories he hopes to recapture, Noon is unprepared for the oddly familiar stranger he finds there instead. As a tentative friendship between the two men blooms into something more, Noon’s reasons for being in the quaint town become less clear. What starts as a quest for answers ends with a revelation that’s too painful to bear. What happens when the beautiful life you thought you had lived was a lie, but that lie is all you can remember?

Infidelity Series: Book TWO

The Fishermen

At the age of twenty-five, Leland Meadows has his whole life mapped out in front of him, with four rules to live by: No new friends. No dreams or aspirations. No repeat hookups. And definitely no committed relationships. Leland’s looking for safety, not heartbreak and disappointment. Then one day he receives an offer he can’t turn down. Rent is due, and the catering company his best friend’s sister works for is suddenly one server short for the biggest event of the year. Leland accepts the job—but those rules he’s been so careful to follow? They don’t stand a chance against Franklin Kincaid. At forty-five, the lie Franklin Kincaid has been living his entire life catches up with him. His job no longer fulfills him—if it ever had. His marriage is in crisis. His heart yearns for something he can’t identify—or maybe he’s just too terrified to admit it. And his children are clueless about all of it. On a cold and lonely night, Franklin’s search for courage leads him to a rooftop in downtown Seattle, where he finds Leland Meadows instead. Neither of them would ever be the same again. * The Fishermen is a best friend’s dad MM romance and book 2 in the Infidelity series. It ends with a HEA, and can be read as a stand-alone but may be better enjoyed if read in series order. Themes include age-gap, possessiveness, hurt/comfort, and second chances. Both MCs are consenting adults. Please use the “Look Inside” feature for a full list of content warnings.

Six years ago, Jasper Des Moines traded in the only life he knew. In order to keep a promise and a secret, he walked from the only man he’d ever loved.   Now, he has a career in need of constant defending, a best friend who knows nothing about his past, and a husband he should love. He has the life he believes he deserves. Until one day, the unfinished business he’d left behind catches up with him, and he’s faced with the one man he’d never been able to resist or forget. Cole Kincaid arrives in New York City with ulterior motives, but good intentions. He simply wants a place in Jasper’s world again. And if Jasper is happy, then so is he. But as the truth of Jasper’s new life unfolds, the role Cole wants to play in it begins to shift. He soon reminds himself that Jasper belongs to him, and no promises made before God to a man who isn't him will ever change that. Cole's presence threatens the carefully constructed life of penance Jasper has created. And while Jasper is focused on maintaining the existence he’d rightfully earned, Cole tempts him with the existence he actually wants. Tragedy might have torn them apart, but lies will bring them together again. * The Good Liar is Book 1 in the Infidelity series. Each book features a new couple, can be read as a stand-alone, and ends with an HEA. Themes include possessiveness, jealousy, and second chances. Both MCs are consenting adults. Please use the “Look Inside” feature for a full list of tropes and trigger warnings.


One promise.  One summer to see it through.  One explosive love fueled by mutual obsession.  The day Clint sees his son, Joey, off to basic training, the young man he’s devoted his life to extracts one promise from him: spend the summer doing something selfish for a change. The request seems harmless enough until Joey puts his best friend, Raven, in charge of seeing it through.   Raven would do anything for the people who took him in as a teen, and, when it comes to Clint, anything comes without limits. When encouraging Clint to explore his selfish side reveals Raven’s love for the older man, Raven is shocked to discover his feelings may not be unrequited. Not only are they returned, but all his darkest, most hidden desires have finally found their match.   Clint’s possession feeds every craving Raven’s ever known. Raven’s openness provides Clint the freedom he’s longed for to take whatever he wants, and soon boundaries are abandoned at the bedroom door. As summer’s promise bleeds into winter, and the threat of Joey’s impending return looms over their heads, Clint and Raven love faster and harder.   When Joey’s disapproval ends up being the least of their concerns, Raven and Clint go to desperate extremes to stay close because something is better than nothing. Facing an uncertain future, both men are left wondering if you can ever go too far or risk too much and still come out on the other side whole.   * Bad Wrong Things is an age-gap, best-friend’s dad romance with two possessive MCs and themes of hurt/comfort and second chances. Both MCs are consenting adults and eventually get their hard-earned HEA. Trigger warnings are provided inside.


the boy who loved wicked

The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.” -Plato    Day 1 of senior year at Denwin High was not supposed to end with my thoughts consumed by the new AP Philosophy teacher. I’d impatiently waited three years to take the course, but from the moment he strode in with his sad eyes that mirrored my own, I was intrigued by only him.   Dr. Sebastian Wicked.   Intrigue turned into obsession, and common interests set the stage for a tentative friendship with the enigmatic man. In time, every line put in place became blurred as what we shared sparked the flames of a forbidden affair. An affair that should've never been, a wrong that the universe sought to right.  There was only one possible outcome—we were both going to burn. Would our love rise up from the ashes? Or would it smolder in the ruins? My name is Phoenix Michaelson, and I am the boy who loved Wicked.

The Boy Who Loved Wicked MM Romance

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Chadwick Series

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