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7/27/2024  Connecticut

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7/24-7/26 2025  Vancouver

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Noon & Solace

are coming this spring in The Caretaker!

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Release date is TBD.

  • What made you start writing possessive MM characters?
    I love reading about them. I'm a creature of habit. I eat the same foods, go to the same restaurants repeatedly, travel to the same resorts yearly etc... Once I find something I like, I stick to it and rarely get tired of it. I love reading about possessive characters and so I write about them too. Over and over again.
  • What are your top 3 favorite MM books?
    All three books in the The Captive Prince trilogy.
  • Will Pete from the Chadwick Series ever get a book?
    Unfortunately not 🙁
  • Will Lincoln and Lawson from Bad Wrong Things be getting their own book?
    There are no immediate plans for their story. I'll make an announcement via my newsletter if that changes in the future.
  • How many hours do you write a day/week?
    Sometimes I go days without writing, and after a book release I tend to need at least a month off before starting something new. But the days that I do write my goal is always a chapter a day, however long that takes.
  • Why did you choose to write MM books? Why note MF? And what inspires your love stories.
    My plan has always been to write both, so MF romance is on the horizon for me. Dark emotions inspire my stories. The thoughts and feelings we all have but are too ashamed to admit to. I don't think love needs to be all hearts and rainbows to be real, and I don't just mean that in a storyline sense. I want to see the ugly, imperfect emotions that we all have expressed on page. Possessiveness, fear, anger, territorialism, codependency... All of it. I want it put to action not just internally thought about.
  • Who do you think is your most possessive MC so far?
    That's a tough one. Maybe Damon from Surviving the Merge? Ask me tomorrow and my answer could be different lol.
  • How long do you write? All day, all night, part of the day/night?
    I'm an early bird. I typically write from six in the morning to around one in the afternoon. I don't write in the evenings. My brain is zapped by then.
  • What book was the toughest for you to write? And why do you think so?
    the boy who loved Wicked because I suffered a major writer's block halfway through. I would cry over my laptop because I just couldn't get the words to come. It took me weeks to write the last chapter. I thought my writing career was over.
  • Hardest character to write? The one you struggled with the most?
    Franklin Kincaid from The Fishermen. I couldn't narrow down his demons. His POV was so inconsistent in the first draft. I couldn't quite grasp why he was struggling, but I connected to the feeling of failing as a parent. We all think we can do better by our kids. So I latched on to that. I rewrote him from that lens.
  • Which character of yours do you connect with the most?
    Hands down Raven. Bad Wrong Things was the easiest to write and I could have gone on forever. It felt therapeutic. It's the greatest reflection of me.
  • Where do you write?
    I love to write in my kitchen. It's all white and gets tons of sunlight. I light a candle, have some thunderstorm white noise playing in the background, and then I get lost in whatever story I'm writing.
  • What can you tell us about The Caretaker, the final book in the Infidelity series?
    It's a slight departure from the tropes I'm known for. It's not toxic (in my opinion) and it's definitely not as angsty as my other books. Doesn't mean there isn't angst, but it's not as intense (again, in my opinion).
  • Can we get a trope listing for The Caretaker?
    Amnesia | Second Chances | Hurt/Comfort | Slow Burn | Cheating (not between the MCs)
  • What's the release date for The Caretaker?
    March 28th, 2024 (tentative release date)
  • Will there be a book box for The Caretaker?
    There will be a special edition paperback offered with NSFW & SFW art. There will be also be a hardcover book box for the entire series. The book box will include original art. More details will come after The Caretaker release date.
  • Will there be a cover & blurb reveal for The Caretaker?
    The cover & blurb reveal with happen at the end of February 2024. A preorder link will also be provided.
  • Do you provide care warnings for your books?
    Yes. You can always find them within the first few pages under "Author's Note." Please utilize the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon for this information before downloading the book.
  • How can I get on your arc & teams?
    Those type of announcements are made on my socials. Be sure to follow me on IG and Facebook and always check my pinned/featured posts for updates.
  • Would you ever consider starting a Patreon page?
    I've been thinking about it. We'll see. Stay tuned lol.
  • Will you be at any book signings this year?
    Yes. I'll be at RomantiConn in July. Click on my RomantiConn signed paperback preorder form for more details.
  • Audiobooks?
    The Chadwick books will not be coming to audio. Bad Wrong Things, the boy who loved Wicked, and The Good Liar can all be listened to on Audible. The Fishermen audiobook will be releasing this spring. The Caretaker audiobook will follow.
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