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Care Warnings

Please note that there may be spoilers

  • Bondage

  • Blood play

  • Somnophilia

  • Grief

  • Off-page death of a parent

The Good Liar: 

  • 20 year age gap

  • Consensual non-consent

  • Off-page death of a spouse

  • A scene involving exhibitionism

The Fishermen:

  • Off-page death of a child

  • Death of a spouse

  • Grief

  • Brief mentions of fertility issues

The Caretaker:

  • 18 year age gap

  • Guardian/Ward-to-lovers

  • Consensual non-consent

  • Mentions of drug use

  • Off-page death of a minor

Bad Wrong Things:

  • 18 year age gap

  • Death of a parent

  • Off-page death of a boyfriend

  • MC2 is in the process of divorcing his wife by the time he gets involved with MC1

the boy who loved Wicked:

  • Mental health (one MC has dissociative identity disorder)

  • MC1 kisses another man while he and his husband are on a break

  • Off-page death of a child spoken about in detail during therapy sessions 

  • Integration of personalities, which some readers may see as a character death

  • Off-page parental neglect and abuse

  • Off-page murder of a parent 

Surviving the Merge:

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