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(Infidelity #3) 


The only thing Noon Waters is sure of is his undying love for his wife. But when a devastating accident ripped both her and a good deal of his memories away from him, he’s left to navigate a new life weighed down by grief, anger, and confusion.


After stumbling upon an old receipt dated one day prior to the tragic event, Noon’s curiosity leads him to Haley Cove, a place he can’t remember but is somehow certain holds the key to regaining his forgotten years.


So focused on the memories he hopes to recapture, Noon is unprepared for the oddly familiar stranger he finds there instead. As a tentative friendship between the two men blooms into something more, Noon’s reasons for being in the quaint town become less clear. What starts as a quest for answers ends with a revelation that’s too painful to bear.


What happens when the beautiful life you thought you had lived was a lie, but that lie is all you can remember?

The Caretaker, Illustrated + Swag

SKU: 135
  • Signed copy comes with swag!

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